The prodigal son-set

Spectrum miami…

The Prodigal Son-set | 24" x 24" x 43" | Archival Acrylic

2018 - Exhibited from February 24th to March 28th at Gilmer Arts in Elijay, GA

2017 - Exhibited at Spectrum Miami Art Fair in December 2017. Represented by the DH Gallery of International Artists

The Prodigal Son-set is a hand-painted Louis XV arm chair. Based on the biblical story of the Prodigal Son, a story of one father and his two sons, one son works hard for his father while the other son asks for his inheritance early, leaves his village to journey to a new city. After a few weeks the son has blown through his inheritance money, runs out of food and lays with the pigs until he musters the courage to ask his father for forgiveness in hopes of becoming a servant to his father as he does not feel he deserves the father-son relationship he once had. Before he can even return to the village to speak his apology, his father has a lamb roasted and throws his son a festive party in honor of his son being lost and finally found. - For me, this chair represents the analogy of humanity's relationship with Mother Nature. Once we have used and abused her for all the water, land and air she provides, will she forgive us and replenish herself for our survival? Will we finally be found? - Or will the sun run wild with mesmerizing flames of destruction as it sets over the plastic-packed, deep blue sea?